Rebecca Green

Raised in a small town in Michigan, Rebecca Green has always loved to draw. In kindergarten, she published her first illustration in the school newspaper: an underwater scene, complete with a mermaid, treasure chest, seaweed, and schools of fish. Twenty-five years later, she is still publishing her illustrations, though the drawings have improved a bit. The element that hasn’t changed is her strong love for narrative work.

Her favorite book as a child was Bony Legs, by Joanna Cole, and her favorite adult book is Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman, both of which highlight the humanness and kindness that are necessary for creating a fulfilling life. In Green’s own work, she combines this sense of compassion with a sense of magic and celebration of the world.

After receiving her BFA in illustration in 2010, she experimented with stop-motion animation, editorial illustration, retail, and gallery work. Throughout her exploration, she found a home in children’s and young adult books, where her passion for story-telling could be fully realized. Though she has illustrated young adult and chapter books, From Far Away (Fall 2017) is her very first picture book. Green works hard to push beyond boundaries to create a fresh perspective for herself and the viewer, and never quite uses the same process from book to book. To illustrate From Far Away, she used gouache and colored pencil and also introduced water soluble wax crayons into the mix to encourage fun and spontaneous mark-making.

In addition to drawing, she enjoys cooking new recipes and building forts. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Matt, and their dog and cat.

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