Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester is an award-winning illustrator, writer, and broadcaster. Game Day: Meet the People Who Make It Happen (2010), his first book with Annick Press, came out of his experience as a sportscaster with CBC Radio. He was always struck by how hard people work behind the scenes to make sure that the day’s game actually happens. While the athletes get the glory, these men and women are just as important to the success of sporting events. Kevin has covered eight Olympic Games and has produced documentaries on topics ranging from racism in hockey to the history of church bells in Canada. He also wrote a musical for the 2010 Olympic Arts Festival, entitled Ice Age 2010. He was named a Massey Journalism Scholar in 2007, and used the time to study theology at the University of Toronto.

Kevin has written a number of other bestselling books: Sports Hall of Weird and Gold Medal for Weird for young kids, and Shadrin Has Scored for Russia for older kids. Gold Medal won the 2009 Silver Birch Award for Non-Fiction. His Neil Flambé series, about a 14-year-old super-chef from Vancouver who solves mysteries on the side, has been a huge critical and commercial success. Of the four books published in the series, one was the winner of the 2011 Silver Birch Award, another was named a 2012 Silver Birch Honour Book, and yet another was nominated for the 2013 Silver Birch Award.

Kevin has other non-fiction titles with Annick Press. Similar to Game Day, Showtime: Meet the People Behind the Scenes (2013) looks at the different people involved in mounting a live stage production. From truck driver to stage designer and pyrotechnics expert, each job plays an important part in making sure that the show is a success. Follow Your Money: Who Gets It, Who Spends It, Where Does It Go? (2013) follows the trail money takes once it leaves your pocket. Kevin is also the illustrator of this book, written together with Michael Hlinka, a well known business commentator on CBC Radio.

His two latest books, Basketballogy: Supercool Facts You Never Knew (Fall 2017) and Baseballogy: Supercool Facts You Never Knew (2015) use a very visual approach to reveal some of the amazing, crazy, and sometimes weird parts that make up the most popular sports in North America. Kevin is also a talented illustrator whose art graces the pages of these books.

Kevin lives in Toronto with his two daughters, Erin and Emily, and his wife, Laura Carlin, who is also a writer and journalist.


Game Day

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by Kevin Sylvester

Annick Press books
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