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Single Voice series

by Clem Martini

YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers List nomination Cybils, Blogger Literary Award nomination

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Some mistakes can never be repaired.

In Too Late, 15-year-old Greg is in a teen sex offenders’ facility because of an assault on his stepsister. He hates the professionals who try to help him and can’t wait to go home. When he enters a room for a meeting, his mother is there crying. Her partner, whom Greg calls Step Dude, sits at her side. They have come to tell Greg they don’t want him back. It’s too late to be good, they say. Greg comes to the crippling realization of what he has become: the father he has both hated and feared.


“A great choice for mature readers who are looking for something different to sink their teeth into.”
—CM Reviews, 10/10