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Big Kid Books series

by Brigitte Waisberg
illustrated by Ariana Koultourides

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Do animals use the toilet? Get dressed by themselves? Sleep in a big bed? No? Why not?

What is more exciting for a toddler than reaching such important milestones as using the toilet, getting dressed, or moving from a crib to a big bed?

But what if animals tried to do the same things? A lion, thinking that a toilet was his throne, might sit there all day; an octopus would probably have a hard time putting on socks, and how would an alligator fit his long tail onto a short bed?

With adorable, softly-colored illustrations and jaunty rhymes, this series of three board books are ideal for encouraging success as young children look at the antics of animals trying to perform the tasks they themselves are just mastering. The folly of a mouse trying to use the toilet or a kangaroo sleeping in a bed are sure to make them laugh. Inspired by the original 1985 edition of Toilet Tales, these books also provide an opportunity to discover the names of many different animals.


“Should be in collections serving preschool audiences.”
—CM Reviews, 12/07/18


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