Research Virtuoso Revised Edition, The Share this with a friend

How to Find Anything You Need to Know

by Toronto Public Library
illustrated by Victor Gad

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Armed with this lively guidebook, students will be ready to face the often daunting prospect of conducting serious research in the information age.

Fully revised, The Research Virtuoso covers all aspects of research: how to decide on a topic, take notes, skim material, evaluate which sources (especially those on the Internet) are most reliable, organize information, and create a bibliography. Readers will also learn how to access a treasure trove of sources they may never have known existed, such as special collections and private libraries.

The Research Virtuoso goes on to show how effective research skills will help students succeed not only at school, but also in life: when considering a company to work for or purchasing anything from electronics to a house. Charts, lists, diagrams, and Grab & Go templates clarify and expand the text. An essential tool for every student!

Please click the “Look Inside” link for a PDF of the Grab & Go sections from the book.


“It is hard to imagine a more comprehensive guide to doing research than this one.”
—Canadian Children’s Book News, 04/12

“Each part is chock full of information . . . Overall, it has a wonderful mix of textual, visual, and interactive components.”
—Rapacious Reading, 05/11/12

“A practical and very useful tool for both students and adults doing research!”
—CM Reviews, 05/12

“This is one book that could help you get an A—and help you build some skills you can use throughout your life.”
—, 05/31/12

“A great read on this topic (information overflo . . . on the internet).”
—, 07/31/12

“Here is everything you need to know about how to do . . . research in an appealing, light-hearted package.”
—Resource Links, 10/12

“This guide would be useful to individual researchers and to instructors who provide guidance.”
—Library Media Connection, 04/01/13


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