Pool Was Empty, The Share this with a friend

Single Voice series

by Gilles Abier

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In The Pool was Empty, 16-year-old Celia’s boyfriend, Alex, is dead after falling into an empty swimming pool—and his mother has accused Celia of his murder. As Celia tries to clear her name and move on from her devastating loss, she reveals that the shocking events of that fateful day may not be what they seem. The intensity of first love is laid bare in these strikingly emotional stories.


“… the intense plots and well-developed protagonists will appeal to readers who want an uncensored look into the lives of two rebellious, yet resilient teens.”
—CM Reviews, 04/10

“… ideal for reluctant readers … chilling situations and fast pacing, a winning combination.”
—School Library Journal, 09/10

”… a quality addition to collections serving readers who tend to become overwhelmed with lengthy stories.”
—VOYA, 12/10