Nothing Beats A Pizza Share this with a friend

written and illustrated by Loris Lesynski

IODE Book Award finalist Book of the Year Award finalist, Foreword Magazine Mr. Christie’s Book Award finalist Rocky Mountain Book Award finalist

The opening refrain of Nothing Beats a Pizza is catchy and fun, just like all 32 poems.

Through Loris’s poems you enjoy language, rhythm, and rhyme—and, most of all, your own creativity. These poems are to be read aloud and shared. They’re jumping-off points that invite kids to exercise their creativity by coming up with their own versions of the poems. Leaves were here they left their prints in greenish grayish brownish tints like rubber stamps along the road an autumn message left in code

Dancing across the pages are illustrations and poems alive with humor, exploring important things in a kid’s world: pizza, substitute teachers, homework, moods, food, and pets.


“Invites readers not only to savor words, but to whip up their own poetic concoctions.”
—Quill & Quire, *starred review

“Lesynski’s use of language is wonderful, with rhymes and rhythms that beg to be read aloud and subject matter that would appeal to children and parents alike . . . This is a book that is perfect for sharing and reading aloud for any age. Highly recommended.”
—CM Reviews

“A delightfully manic cascade of words and pictures . . . Shout, sing or chant-about pizza or porridge or bad-mood blues-it's all a way to fall in love with the words.”
—Globe and Mail

“Lesynski is not only a wonderful poet but also a talented artist. Her watercolors lend detail and humor to every page. I can’t imagine any elementary school student or teacher not being inspired and entertained by her artistry with words and pictures.”
—Resource Links

“The most powerful word magic to appear on the scene in the past few years has come from Loris Lesynski ... The rhythm of each of these poems is so infectious that even children who roll their eyes at the thought of writing poems will find their fingers snapping and their toes tapping to the ‘beat”—even of their everyday language.”
—City Parent Magazine

“Her sense of beat and her silly way with words . . . are practically irresistible, even to the most resisting reader.”
—Toronto Star

“Inspirational for kids showing no interest in poetry.”
—The Horn Book

“Great poems for reading aloud with pizzazz.”
—School Library Journal

“Catchy and fun.”
—Whom You Know, 04/29/15