Night School Share this with a friend

written and illustrated by Loris Lesynski

Our Choice List, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

An unusual school bus picks him up, and away he goes. He notices, however, that things are a bit odd at school, eerie and peculiar. They study stars and owls and werewolf howls.

Around 4 a.m. Eddie begins to feel tired! When he asks when morning will come,  the teacher sends the new kids to the office. When the principal says he'll keep them there forever, Eddie has had enough! He leads them down the stairs as they flee, with teachers in close pursuit. As they close in, Eddie calls out a loud, cheery “Good morning”—and stops his pursuers flat. Eddie is off. He runs the whole way home and straight to bed!


“The bouncy rhymed verse surpasses anything since Dr. Seuss.”
—NAPRA Review

“Full of movement, expression and humor, here’s a bed-time book that won’t put adult readers to sleep . . . One can’t read this silly book without smiling.”
—Toronto Star

“Lesynksi's gift for rhyme and rhythm continues to dazzle.”
—Canadian Children’s Book News

“A great sense of fun.”
—CBC This Morning

“A cheerful rhyme scheme keeps this story moving along.”
—Canadian Living Magazine

“Loris will be joining the ranks of Lee, Prelutsky and Silverstein. You are much needed!”
—Sam Sebesta, author and Professor Emeritus Children’s Literature, University of Washington

“The magic spell of Night School will make a Lesynski fan out of any reader, and the already-converted have a pleasurable opportunity to see this book creator’s talent develop.”
—Canadian Children’s Literature

“The story’s lively rhyming verse and outrageous humor make it a good choice for reading aloud, with the colorful watercolor and ink drawings adding to the comedy.”
—North Bay Nugget