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The Mole Sisters Series

by Roslyn Schwartz

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When a piece of moss is feeling bad, the Mole Sisters set out to show him what a wonderful world they live in. Their adventures take them from their mole hole to the top of the world and back again.



“Each of the Mole Sisters books reads like a short animated film; quick, droll, colorful, it’s over in a minute, leaving its audience amused and charmed.”
—The Globe and Mail

“[These are] welcome additions.”
—School Library Journal

“The prose is gentle and easily remembered . . . Schwartz’s warm, colored-pencil artwork mirrors the joy and innocence of her characters.”
— Hamilton Spectator

“Charming, whimsical, and as refreshing as cool water on a hot day . . . These two small books are highly recommended for small children and depressed adults.”
—Canadian Book Review Annual