Mole Sisters and the Cool Breeze, The Share this with a friend

The Mole Sisters Series

by Roslyn Schwartz

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It is a very hot day and the Mole Sisters need a nice cool breeze. They start to fan themselves. Then a dandelion pipes up that he’s hot too! Soon all the other dandelions want to be fanned as well.

Now the  Mole Sisters are covered in dandelion fluff . . . until a nice cool breeze comes along. “It’s just what we needed.” Swoosh, swoosh. “A nice cool breeze!”



“The Mole Sisters are back, as succinct and pithy as ever.”
—The Globe and Mail

“Great riches for both brain and funnybone.”
—Toronto Star

“It’s hard to say what’s more appealing: Schwartz’s simple stories or gentle, colored-pencil pictures. But the two, combined with characters she has created in the sisters, make the adventures of the Mole Sisters warm and pleasant experiences you'll want to repeat.”
—Hamilton Spectator

“Simple, succinct text and incorporates child-friendly vocabulary and humor, and the whimsical colored-pencil art portrays the cute, expressive sisters engaged in activities children will recognize. The sisters’ curiosity, playfulness, delight in little things—and in each other—continue to makes these small, square books big in terms of charm and child appeal.”

“The beguiling mole sisters series convey[s] humor and joie de vivre with few words and small, winsome illustrations.”
—The Horn Book