Mole Sisters and The Moonlit Night, The Share this with a friend

The Mole Sisters Series

by Roslyn Schwartz

Our Choice List, Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books of the Year, Quill & Quire

On a beautiful moonlit night the Mole Sisters gaze at the sky. When a brilliant shooting star blazes past, they make a wish together and soon they are imagining the world from a wonderful moon vista. On a moonlit night anything can happen!



“The Mole Sisters are unfailingly optimistic, eager, and confident. They are my new role models.”
—Quill & Quire, *starred review

“A source of delight.”
—The Globe & Mail

“The story lends itself to sibling love, optimism, independence, intelligence, adventure and humor for all readers.”
—Resource Links

“These two enchanting companions take young readers on a magical journey and Schwartz’s illustrations are sure to enchant readers young an old.”
—BC Parent Magazine

“The series seems destined to be a standard.”
—Montreal Review of Books

“Schwartz packs a lot of fuzzy warmth into these small, square packages . . . the Mole Sisters’enthusiasm and zest for life shine through in a big way.”

“Their enchanting adventures have charmed young children and their families for years.”
—Through the Looking Glass Book Reviews, 03/26/18