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Single Voice series

by Nadia Xerri-L.

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In Just Julie, Julie’s idolized older brother is accused of murder. When she refuses to attend his trial, her shattered family is bewildered. But Julie knows more about her brother than she wants to admit, and a fateful decision is in her hands: should she speak the truth, or protect her family?


“Could lead to areas of teenage concern and to personal insight.”
—Resource Links, 06/10

“Packed with emotional intensity . . . an insightful picture of family drama driven by internal emotions rather than the actual events that create the emotional response.”
—CM Reviews, 06/10

“Deftly illustrates the emotion loaded in a moment in time and deals with tragic events and issues that will appeal to both reluctant readers and emo teens.”
—School Library Journal, 09/10

“A quality addition to collections serving readers who tend to become overwhelmed with lengthy stories.”
—VOYA, 12/10