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Single Voice series

by Carine Tardieu

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In I am Not Emmanuelle, thirteen-year-old Adele impulsively steals a pack of gum, launching her into a rambling monologue about her inability to live up to the “perfect” sister who died. Convinced that her parents would have preferred her to die instead, Adele can’t help acting out. A powerful pair of stories exploring the teen psyche with unflinching honesty.


“Could lead to areas of teenage concern and to personal insight.”
—Resource Links, 06/10

“Packed with emotional intensity . . . an insightful picture of family drama driven by internal emotions rather than the actual events that create the emotional response.”
—CM Reviews, 06/10

“Deftly illustrates the emotion loaded in a moment in time and deals with tragic events and issues that will appeal to both reluctant readers and emo teens.”
—School Library Journal, 09/10

“A quality addition to collections serving readers who tend to become overwhelmed with lengthy stories.”
—VOYA, 12/10