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Single Voice series

by Vincent Karle

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Friendship confronts the force of authority in this raw, powerful story.

When the new kid from Afghanistan is put in Martin’s class, Martin ridicules his clothes and nicknames him “Taliban.” But the two realize they have more in common than they thought, and unexpectedly become friends—until a brutal drug bust at school tears them apart ... maybe forever. 

Descent into Paradise confronts the hypocrisies of Western society, and questions whether we aren’t all just strangers in a foreign land. Some people might think it’s odd when a teenage boy starts making movies of his classmates kissing.


“Provides . . . smart, easy-to-read novellas that reflect the true lives of teens while encouraging them to read and think critically about the world around them.”
—Canadian Bookseller, 06/10

“The series remains a quality addition to collections serving readers who tend to become overwhelmed with lengthy stories.”
—VOYA, 12/10

“Readers of all age groups will enjoy this pair of quirky, innovative tales, which explore what it really means to fight injustice and overcome it.”
—What If? Canada’s Creative Teen Magazine, 02/11

“The messages of the books are powerful and important, dealing at times with mature themes.”
—, 03/06/11