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Crazy About series

by Loris Lesynski
illustrated by Gerry Rasmussen

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Hurray for soccer!

Anyone / at all / at all / can learn to kick a ball / a ball. A kangaroo could do it, / too, / a bigger kick than me or you but never put one / in a game ’cuz they can kick but / they / can't / aim!

This new collection of poems by Loris Lesynski captures the joys, thrills, and challenges of one of the most popular sports in the schoolyard today. Rhythmic, funny verses reflect the game’s energy while offering sound suggestions for proper play.

Crazy About Soccer!, a collection full of twists, turns, and surprises, is sure to appeal to any reader who has ever played soccer, whether in cleats and a team shirt or in bare feet and—as in Shakespeare’s day—with a pig’s bladder for a ball! Wonderfully ridiculous and genuinely funny artwork complements the bouncy poems. 


“This ebullient compilation of more than 50 poems will inspire and entertain soccer enthusiasts, whether they are novice or expert players.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 10/15/12

“An ebullient collection of tongue-twisting, imagination-stretching, smile-cracking poems.”
—School Library Journal, 04/21/14

“These poems demand to be read aloud—their rhythm natural and bouncy, their beat strong and their humour fun and engaging.”
—Canadian Children’s Book News, 11/12

“A fantastic collection of clever poems about an atypically poetic subject . . . a great addition to any children’s poetry collection.”
—CM Reviews, 12/12

“Each of the poems is great fun to read and will conjure up memories of one game or another, one play or another.”
—Sal’s Fiction Addiction, 08/25/12

“This gem of a book is enough to get even the most reluctant children, boys and girls alike, to give poetry a try.”
—Resource Links, 12/12

“With cartoon-like illustrations, this book of poetry about soccer is ideal for devoted fans, whether on the field or off.”
—Reading Today Online, 05/16/13

“It’s the sort of book that any child is going to want to read.”
—Ken Setterington, The Next Chapter, CBC Radio, 12/08/12

“Soccer fans will love the poems, non-players will become instant converts.”
—3rd Grade Reading, 11/12

“The poems are easy to remember and perfect for little active kids (especially but not only boys) who would normally be difficult to pin down and share poetry with.”
—Perogies & Gyoza, 08/31/12