Submission Guidelines for Authors & Illustrators



Submission Guidelines for Authors & Illustrators

Author Guidelines

 Thank you for your interest in Annick Press. Annick is committed to publishing diverse authors who write books for children of all ages on a wide range of subjects, and from varied cultural perspectives.

A few things to remember when submitting materials to us:

Picture books

Annick is currently accepting picture book submissions. Keep in mind while crafting your story that picture books are typically 32 pages in length, and that a minimal amount of text is often better. Generally, we prefer to receive the manuscript alone, without illustrations, though you are welcome to include illustration suggestions in your submission. Please send to  

Teen fiction 

Annick Press invites writers to submit original proposals for teen novels that capture strong and distinctive contemporary voices. There should be creativity and authenticity in the use of language, reflecting a style that is lively, dramatic, and vivid. Please send a complete synopsis, together with a sample chapter, to  

Middle reader fiction 

Annick Press seeks middle reader fiction (8–11) that captures the imagination of readers and readily engages their interest. The story must be memorable, well-written, and notable for its originality. Humor, even if used occasionally, is an asset. The characters in the novel should come to life for the reader and the settings must be rich in detail. We look for gripping action, even though it may be delivered in a subtle form. Stories should involve the reader while simultaneously provoking thought and reflection. Please send a synopsis, together with a sample chapter to  


Originality is key to our non-fiction program, whether in the idea itself or in the approach to a given subject. How does your idea differentiate itself from books that may already exist on the same topic? The subject matter must have inherent appeal to the readership. The key is to combine the skills of a fiction writer, including narrative techniques, to draw the reader in; at the same time, there must be a dedication to accuracy. The text should encourage the reader’s natural sense of wonder, and avoid any tendency to become didactic. Look for ways to highlight little-known details that will fascinate readers and encourage further exploration. The work should have a distinctive voice that uses language in an engaging manner. The topic must be thoroughly researched and a passion for the subject matter must be evident. The writing level must be age appropriate. Please send a synopsis, together with a sample chapter, to  

For all submissions:

• Remember to include a cover letter telling us a little bit about yourself.

• Please address your submissions to the Associate Editor, to ensure we can properly direct anything that comes in. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we regret that we cannot acknowledge receipt of individual manuscripts.  


Illustrator Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Annick Press. Annick publishes books for children ages six months to twelve years and for young adults.

Here are a few things to remember when submitting materials to us:

• Our books are aimed at children ages six months to young adults so choose your samples accordingly.

• The main characters in our books are children. When submitting illustrations we need to see how you portray children, especially children's faces and children in action.

• You are welcome to send digital samples as small jpg or pdf attachments. Please include a link to your web site if you have one.

• You will be sent a standard email response to notify you that your submission has been received.

•  If we feel that your digital samples may be suitable for future projects they will be kept on file.

•  Remember to include some information about yourself.

 Kindly send emails to

Thank you.