Theo Krynauw

Theo Krynauw was born in Limpopo, South Africa, in a small town inhabited by bespectacled people in khaki shorts. He grew up with a passion for art and his dream was to become a painter or a basketball player, though his talents only lay with the former.

He studied Information Design (a four-year graphic design degree) at the University of Pretoria. During that time, he decided that he had very little interest in becoming a graphic designer.

After reading The Far Side in his early 20s, while avoiding university work, he realized that comedy and drawing were particular avenues that called his name. Since then he has dedicated himself to sharpening his craft.

His particular interests (both in life and in art) are science and the natural world, domestic animals, history, and dark or dry humor. His biggest influences are Gary Larson, Peter Sellers, Merchant and Gervais, and Vincent Van Gogh. While not busying himself with cartoons, he makes a living illustrating editorial columns, textbooks, and children’s fiction.

He currently lives in Cape Town with two cats, and seven pot plants, all housetrained. His plans for the future are to write and illustrate his own books and publish his single panel cartoons in a syndicated format.