Suharu Ogawa

Suharu Ogawa is a Toronto-based illustrator originally from Japan. She was a quiet but rebellious girl—so much so that when her calligraphy teacher tried to fix her left-handedness, she refused and instead drew letters with her left hand. After she was kicked out of the calligraphy school for being so stubborn, her mother took her to a kindergarten art school. It was at this class where a wonderful art teacher gave her the confidence to be happy with her lefty, whimsical, and rebellious self through the joy of drawing. As the second oldest of four children, Suharu always knew how to entertain her family and friends with her funny drawings. She drew all over her notebooks, the classroom chalkboard, and even on the house wall (and was scolded as a result). She learned that drawing was a tool she had to make people smile and giggle.

Many years later, Suharu moved to the US, studied art history and cultural anthropology, and worked for several years as a university art librarian in California—until her passion for illustration called her out of that career and into the pursuit of a lifelong dream. In 2011, she packed up her suitcase full of art supplies and moved to Toronto to study illustration at OCAD University. Today, she calls Toronto her home and finds joy in what she has always loved: making people smile through her work. 

Annick Press books
illustrated by Suharu Ogawa