Samantha Dixon

Samantha Dixon was born in Toronto and grew up in Oshawa, Ontario. She has loved drawing and creating ever since she was little. When it was that time in elementary school to ask the students what they wanted to be when they grew up, she said, “an artist!” She went to art galleries a lot and was lucky enough to go to both an elementary and high school with great art programs. While she was good at many other subjects in school, art and music became her favorites. Being on the quiet side, Samantha was happy whenever she was praised for her drawings and clarinet skills.

Samantha decided she would pursue some kind of visual art career and took Fine Arts at Durham College. After applying for a second time, she finally got into the Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College. Being away from home and in a rigorous program helped her grow as a person and an artist.

Samantha has always loved stories, and she would read all the time when she was younger. Some favorites include The Hobbit, Eragon, Dr. Seuss, Winnie the Pooh, and lots of sci-fi. She’s a bit of a nerd. Watching Star Wars when she was young started her love of science fiction, and now the bright colors of retro sci-fi/futurism posters really inspire her work. She loves learning about cool discoveries in science, weird animals, and funny parts of history. Samantha likes travelling to new places and would definitely live in New Zealand.

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