Rafal Gerszak

Born in Poland in 1980, Rafal Gerszak was forced to flee his home during the Soviet era, and lived for some time in a German refugee camp. After immigrating to Canada in 1990, he began to identify with socially displaced groups. His response was to document in photos the drug culture in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

A graduate of the Photography Program at Langara College in Vancouver, Canada, Rafal specializes in editorial photography, both reportage and portraiture. His work has been seen in many magazines and newspapers worldwide, including Newsweek Poland, The Saturday Times Magazine (UK), The Dallas Morning News, and The Globe and Mail.

Rafal first went to Afghanistan in 2008 and now splits his time between there and Canada. His work as a photojournalist has focused on the social, military, and political effects of war. In his determination to portray the situation in Afghanistan as honestly as possible, Rafal spent time there embedded with the American troops. As well as witnessing firsthand battles with the Taliban, he has also been able to live among the Afghan people and experience how the war has affected them.

His documentary work and short films from Canada and Afghanistan have been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association and News Photographers Association of Canada.

Annick Press books
by Rafal Gerszak

Annick Press books
photographed by Rafal Gerszak