Nicolle Lalonde

Nicolle was born in the town of Pickering, a sleepy suburb east of Toronto, to her parents Richard and Deborah. Together with her younger brother Robert, she explored the forest and lakeside paths by her home and credits this with fostering her love of the outdoors and all things that grow. As a child, Nicolle was always making art, be it homemade comic books for her mother or doodling on the white walls of her bedroom. As she grew older, her love for creating only strengthened and she could always be seen with a pencil in her hand. After graduating high school, she decided to apply for the Illustration program at OCAD University and attended her first class in the fall of 2011. Here, her lifelong love of art and drawing was fine-tuned and sharpened, and her own style slowly started to emerge. 

She loves everything midcentury and retro and is influenced by 1950s and 1960s art, but also draws inspiration from everything from 19th century folk art to 1980s Japanese anime. Her favorite things to draw are people, plants, and animals. 

Nicolle is a devoted animal lover and her dream is to one day live on a small farm for rescued and abandoned animals. She also loves camping, watching documentaries, and playing tabletop games. She would like to learn to knit and would like to try pottery someday. 

Nicolle lives in Toronto with her rocket scientist partner and their collection of houseplants.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Nicolle Lalonde