Nicola Winstanley

Books have always been at the center of Nicola’s life. Though surrounded by beautiful beaches, bushland, and dormant volcanoes during her childhood in Auckland, New Zealand, she spent most of every summer lying on her bed reading and re-reading the three books a week she was allowed to take out from her local library. Now, living in Hamilton, Ontario she still likes to lie on her bed and read, but she misses the sea and will get wet to her knees in the ocean every chance she gets.

Nicola immigrated to Canada in her early twenties after winning a scholarship to do graduate work at the University of Toronto, studying Shakespeare. She then spent several years working in publishing in Toronto. It wasn’t until her daughter was born, however, that she began to write books as well as read them. Nicola’s first book, Cinnamon Baby (illustrated by Janice Nadeau) was inspired by her experience with her colicky baby, and her second book, A Pirate’s Bed (illustrated by Matt James) was likewise inspired by her spirited son when he was toddler. 

Now Nicola’s crying baby girl is grown up, her son a teenager, and Nicola finds her stories in her wider experience and her own childhood. She writes fiction and poetry for both children and adults and remembers her time growing up by drawing memoir comics. Nicola is also inspired by the many students she meets every year as a professor at Humber College. 

Nicola also loves poetry, animals, and music and figures there’s got to be a great story somewhere in that combination. Stay posted!

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