Loredana Cunti

Loredana Cunti was born the middle child between two brothers in an Italian immigrant family. She was raised in the countryside outside of Kleinburg, Ontario and counts feeding chickens and checking well water as some of her chores.

As a child, Loredana preferred sports to writing and reading. She often got into trouble at school for talking too much but eventually this served her well as she began winning speech contests and creative drama awards.

In high school, she decided that a life in film and television arts was for her. She began her career in radio as a guest host on a Jamaican radio program and then on a multicultural radio station featuring Italian, Chinese, German, Indian and other world music programs. This is where her love of international cultures began. With her French and Italian languages, she found a job selling movies and TV programs to countries around the world.

She eventually found she was most passionate about children’s entertainment and moved to England where she went on to become Senior Vice President of Children’s Programming at Universal Pictures in London.

She spent many years travelling and working with children’s books and programs and has lived in many cities including London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Rome.

While living in Paris, she became a mother of two and a Cordon Bleu Pastry Chef. Loredana moved back to Canada with her family after nearly 17 years away and wanted to spend more time with her children than she did travelling the world. She realized that while sitting and writing, she could travel anywhere her imagination would take her and still be home in time for the after school pick up.

She is passionate about sharing stories of culture and family through food. She loves inventing stories around fun facts, coaching kids’ soccer, eating cake, cooking, and listening to all kinds of music. Her hobby is learning about festive foods and a few words in any language she can. She plans to keep writing as long as the little friends in her brain want her to tell their stories.