Kira Vermond

Kira Vermond is the first to admit she’s a mish and a mash.

For more than 20 years she has been a respected freelance writer, editor, copywriter, and producer for Canadian national newspapers, magazines, and radio. But her real passion? Writing books for kids that don’t just examine the world but encourage kids to think with a critical eye.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, by the time Kira was 22, she’d lived in 20 different houses and in communities that ranged from villages of 300 people to cities with a population of three million. All that moving around taught Kira a few things: that it’s a no-no to say “hello” to everybody on the street in a big city (even if it is normal in a small town), that having a knack for making friends quickly is a good thing, and that books can be a fantastic escape, especially if you’re the new kid and a little lonely at first. 

Eventually Kira started writing poems and articles—and even received her first (friendly) rejection letter from a kids' magazine when she was 11. By 13 she’d written two (terrible) novels and decided she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps: go to journalism school and become a writer. 

Today, she’s a busy author and journalist for adults, teens, and kids with over 1,500 articles and five books published, including the 2015 Norma Fleck Award-winning Why We Live Where We Live, Silver Birch-nominated Half-Truths and Brazen Lies: An Honest Look at Lying, and Red Maple-nominated The Secret Life of Money: A Kid’s Guide to Cash and Growing Up, Inside and Out. She has also written a money book for adults. More books to come! 

When she’s not writing, she’s whistling while she works, singing with the windows wide open, and cooking tasty stuff. Oh—and drinking coffee. She likes to do that too. 

Kira lives in Guelph, Ontario with her husband, a couple of fabulous kids, and a big, fuzzy dog named Marbles—who is both hypoallergenic and hyper-energetic.

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