Holly Hatam

Holly Hatam has been making art since she could first grasp a pencil. As a child, she would curate art gallery openings in her tiny bedroom and charge her parents and brother an admission price of twenty-five cents to attend. 

Today, Holly is still making art, from greeting cards to textiles and picture books. Her distinctive illustrations combine line drawings, photography, and texture to create images that burst to life with personality and emotion. 

Holly’s picture books include What Matters—which received an honorable mention in the Sigrid F. Olson Nature Writing Awards for children’s literature—Bear is Not Scared, The Boy in the Box, and the anticipated series Maxine the Maker, to be published by Dial Books in 2018. 

Holly lives and works in Whitby, Ontario where she can be found hugging trees, stuffing her pantry full of tea, and sticking her nose in a book.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Holly Hatam