Gillian Chan

Gillian Chan was born in England. The daughter of a serving RAF officer, she got used to moving every two years as her father was posted to new stations in England and Europe. This made for an interesting childhood, and led to her becoming a good observer, a useful characteristic for a writer. She has two much older brothers who influenced her reading habits, giving her a love for science fiction and fantasy that persists today. One of her earliest memories is going to the library on a Saturday morning. She loves libraries to this day.

Gillian came to Canada in 1990 with her husband and they settled in Dundas, Ontario, where she still lives. She trained and worked as a high school teacher and librarian and draws upon this experience when writing. From a very early age, she was fascinated by mythology and history and these subjects often find their way into her work. At school, her nickname was Myth Read-A-Lot! When she is not writing she enjoys cooking, reading, and watching the Blue Jays (having come to love baseball through watching her son play Little League). In addition to reading, she is passionate about history and travel. She prefers to go to cities, places of historical interest, and unusual places where she can immerse herself. For the last couple of years, she and her family have gone to Italy and rented an apartment in Florence, where they live for two or three months at a time.

Gillian also loves to do research, which often gives her ideas for stories. The Disappearance (Fall 2017), her most recent book—and her first with Annick Press—was inspired by two things: a tiny, one-paragraph article in a Dundas newspaper from Christmas 1928, and a photograph she saw of a boy with a badly scarred face.

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