Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams is a self-taught artist who lives in Kempton Park, South Africa. He started drawing at about three years of age and hasn’t stopped since. He flirted with some strange career options before settling on illustration. There were dreams of a career as a professional cricketer, then playing drums in a rock band—just two of many pipe dreams. But there was always an inevitability about which path his professional life would take.

His high school didn’t offer art classes, but that was a minor deterrent. His first real job was as an operator at a paging company. He worked hard for little reward, all of which made him more determined to follow a career that would make him happy. He quit his job, studied art for a year, dealt with some health problems, and then started his life as a freelance illustrator. It was a learning process in the beginning, but the more he worked, the better his work became. Computers opened up a whole new world for him, and now his art is mostly digitally generated (apart from the initial ink-work which is done by hand and then scanned in).

The majority of his work has been for South African publishers until Annick Press came calling in 2009. He has completed three books for the publisher—The Adventures of Medical Man (2010) by Dr. Michael Evans with David Wichman, Outlaws, Spies, and Gangsters (Spring 2014) by Laura Scandiffio, and his newest title, Behind the Badge: Crimefighters Through History (Fall 2014) by Ed Butts, a history of policing through the ages.       

Annick Press books
illustrated by Gareth Williams