David Wichman

David Wichman was born on a blizzardy Easter Sunday in London, Ontario. Despite such omens, his life from that day has been neither blustery nor holy. At the age of six, he moved with his family to Halifax, where he grew up living steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

After 10 happy years by the sea, David’s parents whisked him back to Ontario, where he finished high school and then went on to study at Toronto’s York University. A brief flirtation with the creative writing program led him to the much more collaborative art of film production, and eventually he found the middle ground, graduating with a degree in screenwriting.

After a brief time interning as a writer at preschool network Treehouse TV, David decided he was much happier in the world of books, as experienced in his summer work as a tutor at the Toronto Public Library, and in his part-time job at a children’s bookstore. The bookstore job grew into a full-time position, and David ended up staying for six happy years.

Eventually, the itch to see the wider world grew too strong to resist, and David traveled to Japan. He spent almost a year there teaching English to school kids and adults before being wooed back to Canada by the woman he loves, and by the position of assistant at Annick Press. The assistant position grew into the role of editor and David ended up staying for six years.

Eventually, the itch to see the kids for whom he was helping to make books grew too strong to resist, and David went back to school to pursue a graduate degree and become a teacher. Being a greedy sort, he wanted to stay involved in publishing, and so continues to do editorial work for Annick.

David was thrilled when Annick asked him to co-write a book with Dr. Michael Evans about common childhood maladies. Dr. Mike’s use of highly visual analogies to explain complicated ailments reminded David of his screenwriting days, and soon The Adventures of Medical Man (2010) was born. David had a blast imagining each of the six illnesses and injuries as a different movie genre, but the most fun was seeing the stories brought to life by fellow film-buff Gareth Williams’s playful illustrations.

David happily notes that the human body is on the elementary school science curriculum and so he looks forward to using the book with students in his classroom. David lives in southwestern Ontario with his lovely wife.


Adventures of Medical Man, The

Annick Press books
by David Wichman