Connie Choi

Connie Choi was born in Ottawa, Ontario, the older of two sisters. As a child, she enjoyed reimagining objects as characters (for example, a sewing machine as a house and colored markers as people), drawing, playing the piano, and caring for turtles. Her favorite subjects were art and music. She later received a BA in Illustration from Sheridan College. 

Growing up with aunts and uncles who were talented illustrators and artists, it was natural that Connie chose the same path. She built a reputation at her elementary school for being good at drawing, always eager to join art competitions, and taking any opportunity to help create art. 

For the illustrations for the Cross Ups series, Connie was able to pull from experiences with her own Chinese immigrant family and friends she grew up with. She also has a friend whose interests, family situation, and way of life lined up closely with Jaden’s. She thought of that friend a lot when reading Cross Ups. 

When she’s not drawing, Connie can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, knitting, caring for turtles, playing video games, and reading comics. 

In the future, she would love to create something that is a fusion of comics, games, and all the things she loves.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Connie Choi