Claire Eamer

Claire Eamer was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in 1947. Growing up on the Prairies, she spent summer days exploring the riverbank, catching grasshoppers, and gathering wildflowers for her long-suffering mother. Reading was an important part of her life. In fact, Claire’s parents occasionally had to phone the library and ask to have Claire sent home when she’d lost track of time. She read her way through the non-fiction section, from myths and legends to natural history to how to build a radio. In fiction, she loved the Narnia series, Catherine Anthony Clark’s Canadian fantasies, historical fiction by Henry Treece, Geoffrey Trease, and Rosemary Sutcliff, and Howard Pease’s books about life at sea.

As a child, Claire daydreamed about being a writer. In university, she studied English literature as a way of reading even more. After two university degrees in English, Claire switched career paths from teaching to journalism, quitting university and getting a job on a small newspaper. She has had the good fortune of being a professional writer of one sort or another ever since—working as a freelance writer of non-fiction, everything from government reports to interactive CDs. Claire has worked as a reporter for newspapers and radio, and has prepared several radio documentaries.

Claire’s writing has been focused primarily on science, environmental topics, and history. While living in the Yukon, she wrote a long-running weekly newspaper on Yukon science, as well as reports on several aspects of Yukon history. She also spent more than three years coordinating a climate change research network. Claire has written five books for Annick Press, including Super Crocs & Monster Wings (2008), which won the 2009 Canadian Science Writers’ Association Award. The World in Your Lunchbox (2012) uses a week of typical kids’ lunches to explore the history and science of common foods. Among the many awards and honors it received were the Eureka! Children’s Book Award, the Next Generation Indie Book Award, Science Books & Film Book Award finalist, and the Canadian Science Writers’ Association Book Award finalist 2013/14.

Her next title with Annick Press was Before the World Was Ready: Stories of Daring Genius in Science (2013). This thought-provoking book looks at eight scientists whose theories were ahead of their time. Although the findings of people like Copernicus, Charles Darwin, and Rachel Carson are now almost universally accepted, these scientists endured great personal hardships when they first proposed their theories.

Her latest book is What a Waste: Where Does Garbage Go? (Spring 2017). Again pursuing her interest in science, she takes a fascinating look at the history, environmental impact, and business of garbage in different parts of the world.

After living in Whitehorse, Yukon for many years, Claire now lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She is fascinated by science and natural history, and by the habitats that surround her. She is married with one son, and enjoys travel, photography, walking, and, of course, reading!