Belle Wuthrich

Every creature in Belle’s world has a life of its own. There are her two cats: Louie, the gorgeous but aloof Bengal with a strange fascination for carrots, and Winston, the mischievous, hyperactive, bundle of love tabby kitten whose mission in life is to drive Louie bananas. There is the porcelain goat that proudly holds the lemon reamer on the ledge behind the kitchen sink. There are her plants: the giant one that grows so enthusiastically, it would have taken over the house if its leaves didn’t keep falling off under their own weight; the rotating collection of miniature cacti that stubbornly keep deciding to die either from too much watering or not enough; and the happy basil bush that always seems to sprout new leaves just in time for pasta night. And then there are the people! Walking by on the street, zooming past the apartment on a bus, on a bike, or in a car, at the grocery store or out at the movies, every one of them is in the middle of a private adventure which you might just get a glimpse of if you pay close attention to their face, to how they are standing, or to the way they are holding their purple polka dot umbrella. These are the kinds of characters that fill the pages of Belle’s sketchbooks, the little cartoons she puts on the fridge, and the worlds she designs and illustrates inside kids’ books!

Although Belle struggled with reading when she was little, she loved being read to and would intently study the pictures on every page. With a mom who is an illustrator and a dad who is a craftsman, drawing and designing all kinds of things was a common activity in the Wuthrich household while Belle was growing up. After starting out in film production at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Belle’s interest in graphic storytelling, art, and typography led her to completing a Bachelor in Communication Design. After brief forays into the baked goods and architecture industries, Belle got her big break as a freelancer and has never looked back.

In addition to her design and illustration work, Belle volunteers her design services to a children’s literacy organization in her hometown of Vancouver, where she lives with her beloved mad scientist boyfriend and an apartment full of characters with lives of their own and stories to tell.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Belle Wuthrich