Bambi Edlund

Bambi Edlund grew up between two small towns in the southeast corner of British Columbia, surrounded by coyotes, cougars, and bears! Above all else, she loved animals and drawing—the margins of her grade school notebooks were filled with singing cats, dancing groundhogs, and chickens playing guitar. Her artist father and book-loving mother made sure she was always surrounded by endless piles of books.

She was inspired by illustrators like Wallace Tripp, Quentin Blake, Sandra Boynton, and Richard Scarry, but no one influenced her more than Jim Henson. She was six years old when The Muppet Show first aired, and she thought that smarty-pants animals mixing with humans—no questions asked—made perfect sense. 

Taught to hand-letter at an early age by her father, she loves drawing letters, and is continually honing her own personal typefaces, which she likes to incorporate into her illustrations where possible. Her work is colorful, friendly, and accessible, and often involves weird and wonderful facts, and always a twist of humor. 

She lives in Vancouver, BC with a large Bernese mountain dog named Beatrix and a small, fluffy cat named Midge. The two like to box a lot. When she’s not drawing in her home studio, she is stalking the urban wildlife in her neighborhood—the coyotes, crows, and raccoons know her well.  

Annick Press books
illustrated by Bambi Edlund