Ariana Koultourides

Ariana Koultourides, a life-long resident of Munster, Indiana, graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago with a BFA in Illustration. As a child, she was interested in animals, flowers, rocks, drawing, and watching movies. Her favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are.

Ariana comes from an artistic family who has both inspired and supported her. Her older sister, mother, and grandmother all draw well. She was also inspired by her love of nature, especially animals. She now works as a freelance illustrator specializing in playful book illustration, custom illustration, and design. Most of her work is initially hand drawn in pencil or ink, and then colored and designed digitally through Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. She enjoys working with intricate characters and specific color schemes.

In addition to her freelance commissions, Ariana and her boyfriend sell their art at pop-up markets, festivals, and conventions. In her spare time, she enjoys wandering around her small hometown, venturing into nature, and drawing small local critters such as squirrels, bunnies, and birds. On these adventures, she is accompanied by her chubby Chihuahua, Denali, who also tries to sit on her drawings while she is working. Her other interests include sculpting, painting, collecting flowers, listening to music, and baking.

Annick Press books
by Ariana Koultourides

Annick Press books
illustrated by Ariana Koultourides