Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice? Share this with a friend

Real Science Questions from Real Kids

by Kira Vermond
illustrated by Suharu Ogawa

Curious kids ask the best questions!

What keeps the stars from falling from the sky? Why do metal boats float? And more importantly, why don’t cars run on apple juice?! All these questions and more are found in the pages of this science Q&A book with questions from the most inquisitive of science center visitors—kids. With help from a slew of scientists, author Kira Vermond serves up the answers to more than 50 quizzical queries in a fun and engaging style. Vibrant illustrations by Suharu Ogawa add to the appeal, making this a STEM-tastic gift for young graduates, science buffs, and everyone who loves to ask “Why?”


“One of the invaluable strengths of this book is that it makes it clear that no question is too silly to ask, even the questions about toots and poo. Every question is validated with a scientific answer . . . Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice? shines with wonderment. Make sure you read it yourself before you put it into circulation in your classroom or library because, once you share it with your students, there will be a waiting list to read it. You may even want to buy two copies.”
—CM Reviews, *starred review, 06/07/19

“Questions are answered in plain, easy-to-understand language and in just a few paragraphs, making this title appropriate for all ages preschool and up . . . An appendix of further reading on science topics and delightful illustrations make this a classroom winner.”
—School Library Journal, 08/01/19

“A breezy compendium for STEM-winders and casual browsers alike.”
—Kirkus Review, 05/12/19

“The writing is engaging and age appropriate with each question succinctly tackled in a single dedicated page, easily digestible but still satisfying for readers. Preschool and elementary school teachers might utilize this book to explore a variety of science topics that fascinate students or to inspire them to ask their own questions.”
—School Library Connection, 11/19

“Filled with fun and fascinating answers to a whole slew of highly entertaining questions.”
—The Globe and Mail, 12/06/19

“With cool, conversational panache, the browsable responses are neither overwhelmingly dense nor too simplistic.”
—Quill & Quire, 07/19

“Funny, interesting and easy to read.”
—Book Time, 09/13/19

“Will likely entice reluctant readers to learn about STEM, and at the same time serve as an inspiration or jumping off point for budding scientists.”
—Growing with Science, 09/27/19

“Colorful, humorous, conversational, and encouraging of further inquiry.”
—Sal’s Fiction Addiction, 10/02/19