Tree Song Share this with a friend

by Tiffany Stone
illustrated by Holly Hatam

Chocolate Lily Book Award nomination

Listen to the music of the trees.

This joyful book follows the life cycle of a tree as it grows from seedling to mature tree, and finally gives way to a new sapling. At every stage of the tree’s life, children are seen playing under its branches.

Each season brings with it new sounds, whether it’s the chirping of birds in the spring or the flitter flutter of leaves in the fall. As well as a home for animals, the tree provides a canopy for a summer picnic, and a perfect place to hang a swing. Most important of all, when old age fells the tree, it provides an acorn from which a new tree will grow.

Colorful illustrations will capture the attention of young readers, while the lyrical text makes this an ideal read-aloud book. It can also serve as the perfect introduction to nature’s life cycles.


“A quiet book for the preschool nature shelf.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 02/04/18

Tree Song is music to our ears!”
—Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable, 04/18

“Lends itself very well to a read-aloud and would be perfect to introduce nature’s life cycles in a classroom setting.”
—Storywraps, 04/13/18

“A great book to pair with units or explorations of spring or fall. Kids will enjoy the rhyming text and colorful pictures.”
—I Heart Literacy, 05/01/18

“A good addition to primary collections and would be useful in conjunction with discussions about natural cycles and conservation.”
—CM Reviews, 12/07/18