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by Henry T. Aubin

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During a picnic overlooking the Nile, 14-year-old scribe Nebi spots the riders first. Led by the treacherous Count Nimlot, the raiding party slaughters Nebi’s master, the region’s head of police. Although wounded, Nebi escapes, the only living witness that the pharaoh’s northern territory is no longer secure.

Nebi is quickly catapulted into events that will change history. Set in 728 B.C., Rise of the Golden Cobra surrounds the actual reign of Pharaoh Piankhy, the brilliant and compassionate leader whose astonishing campaign united Ancient Egypt.

Nebi’s adventures take him to the court of Piankhy himself, to friendship with feisty Prince Shebitku, and to war. Fierce battles culminate in the siege of Memphis, where Nebi finally confronts Nimlot and his own desire for revenge. Well-served by the pharaoh’s honorable example, Nebi finds release in letting Nimlot live. Meanwhile, Piankhy’s victory unites North and South Egypt, making him the one true pharaoh entitled to wear the golden cobra crown.

Bursting with action, political intrigue, and military strategy in enticing historical detail, and peppered with dramatic illustrations, Rise of the Golden Cobra is an epic adventure for the ages.


“... a well-crafted and intriguing adventure that exposes students to a different world, even as it offers them danger, excitement, and the opportunity to ponder serious moral issues.”
—School Library Journal, 05/07

“ **** /4 ... a novel that would appeal to many readers. It is a well-researched historical account of King Piankhi’s unification of ancient Egypt, but it reflects the moral dilemmas that our political and military leaders of today face in the many wars that continue to be fought, many times with less honor. Highly Recommended.”
—CM Reviews, 06/07

“With the Kushites Aubin has obviously found largely unchartered territory for his considerable skills as a storyteller.”
—Quill & Quire, 06/07

“... a valuable addition to a school or public library. It will appeal to readers interested in adventure, as well as history. With its attention to historical detail, the title will be useful in studies of ancient Egypt and the pharaohs. Rise of the Golden Cobra takes young readers on a memorable journey through one of the greatest periods in ancient history.”
—Resource Links, 06/07

“… depicts a world full of danger, excitement and complex moral issues.”
—Professionally Speaking, The Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers, 06/08

—Teaching Tolerance Magazine,10/08

“Fast-paced and exciting …”
—Calliope Magazine, 10/10


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