Never Weres, The Share this with a friend

by Fiona Smyth

Late in the next century, the human race is on the verge of extinction. A mysterious virus has resulted in no births in almost a generation. Despite the impending doom, three urban teenagers try to live their lives with hope.

Mia strives to preserve humanity’s compassion through her art and her volunteer work with the “oldies.” Tech-savvy Xian spends her time tinkering with the robots she’s sure will inherit the Earth. Jesse, the son of geneticists, is convinced the future lies with cloning, but society is reeling from the grotesque failures of previous attempts. When the friends stumble upon the 60-year-old mystery of a missing girl, it leads them to the world’s only successful clone—and the key to saving our species.

Artist Fiona Smyth’s gripping graphic novel depicts a future as visually detailed as it is emotionally rich. The Never Weres will keep readers breathless to the final page.


“Exciting and visionary … a great graphic read.”
—, 03/15/11

“I loved how Smyth illustrates emotion in this graphic work and … that she gave these teens very real and very human responses to the stresses and challenges of their lives.”
—, 03/04/11

“Fiona’s pages are expertly composed and rich with bold, lively artwork that is challenging but totally accessible and readable. I was blown away by the beautiful, sprawling ink-washed double page spreads.”
—, 03/16/11

“Showing particular chops with chases, escapes and … actions like tantrums in single impressionistic mélanges of images, [Smyth] cranks the tension up on the way to a climactic double surprise and … a tidy but upbeat resolution.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 05/15/11

“… the dystopian, futuristic city reminds me of The Hunger Games and The Matrix. Highly recommended.”
—CM Reviews, 05/11

“The detailed, grayscale artwork is beautiful and compelling.”
—Booklist, 06/11

“… crammed with interesting details, set in adventurous layouts … its provocative ending is rewarding.”
—School Library Journal, 07/11

“Smyth combines mystery, supernatural elements, and realistic human relationships to produce a magnified slice of what the future may hold. Both teens and adult readers will find her graphic novel riveting.”
—ForeWord Reviews, 04/11

“… intellectually challenging and visually entertaining.”
—Resource Links, 06/11

“… wraps a worthwhile science-positive message within an engaging mystery adventure.”
—The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature, 07/11

”There’s much pleasure to be derived from the look of Smyth’s future metropolis …”
—Quill & Quire, 07/11

“… a potential end-of-the-world scenario that is geared for a younger audience and actually has a happier-than-usual ending is a good thing in an increasing field of grim, sophisticated looks at here humanity is headed.”
—Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, 09/11

“Smyth provides a lot of fun details and creates a lot of energy … her way of juggling the 3 characters’ lives and development is wonderful.”
—, 08/22/11

“… an ambitious story with themes that will grab readers’ attention, especially with the recent rise in popularity of dystopian narratives in young adult fiction.”
—Canadian Children’s Book News, Summer/11

“… thoughtful teens who enjoy a good science fiction mystery will stick with this story.”
—VOYA, 10/11

“… Smyth tells a story that is breezy, quick paced and a fun read for all ages.”
—Broken Pencil, 10/11

“Fans of dystopian fiction will enjoy this one.”
—, 03/28/12