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What It's Like to Be Young and Depressed

by Kate Scowen
illustrated by Jeff Szuc

New York Public Library’s Books for the Teen Age White Raven Selection, International Youth Library, Munich Information Book Award, Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

“Once you’ve been through it and you’re able to get out of it, then you can handle pretty much anything.” —Caroline, age 19

Depression has always afflicted humankind. Yet adolescent depression has only been medically recognized in the past 25 years. Twenty-first century teens have been especially shaped by anxiety: tsunamis, 9/11, and remember the Y2K scare? Not to mention that daily teen life is tumultuous even at the best of times. So how are you supposed to tell general worries from something more serious?

My Kind of Sad lays out the facts on moodiness, depression and being a teen. From the factors that affect how you feel to the signs of serious depression, you’ll explore youth-specific mental health issues and get expert advice on how to help a friend in need or where to find help for yourself.

Topics covered include:
• reactive depression (a mood) vs. clinical depression (a mood disorder)
• bipolar disorder
• anxiety disorders (panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder)
• disordered eating (how food affects your mood) vs. eating disorders (diseases that can kill)
• self-mutilation (cutting)
• suicide
• treatment options

Along with facts from professionals and stats from the latest studies, you’ll find quotes from teens who have experienced different forms of depression. Complete with an afterword by a leading youth psychiatrist, pages of resources to help you learn more, and punctuated with illustrated vignettes, My Kind of Sad is a hopeful ally against feeling hopeless.


“... teen-friendly ... well-researched ... may help spark a helpful dialogue.”
—The Globe and Mail, 2/25/06

“... grounded and accessible.”
—Quill & Quire, 03/06

“The material is presented in clear language ... readers of all genders and ethnic backgrounds can relate ... Recommended.”
—Resource Links, 03/06

“A book that should be shared by parent and child.”
—National Post, 4/22/06

“Sympathetic without being preachy or condescending ... a chatty, informative, up-to-date resource on a disturbing subject. Teens won’t find a quick fix here, just realistic advice— especially about seeking help.”
—Booklist, 09/06

“An informative, straightforward look at one of adolescent’s greatest afflictions ... well-written, easy to read and use, and quite informative. The information will be helpful for reports, for teens struggling with depression, or for the friends or family of teens struggling with depression. Highly recommended for school and public libraries.”
—VOYA, 10/06

“Reading My Kind of Sad will help kids understand they are not alone and that help is available to them.”
—Canadian Living Magazine, 10/06

“An up-to-date no-nonsense, down to earth, teen friendly book ... easy to grasp the information and to allow for reflection.[R]esources are excellent. This book strikes exactly the right tone to capture the hypersensitive teen who can sniff out condescension in a nanosecond and should be a welcome addition to high school libraries.”
—Resource Links, 10/06

“Parents will want to use this book as a starting point for more detailed discussion. There is a lot of material here ... that young people might not understand or could interpret incorrectly without the input of a knowledgeable adult. Cartoon illustrations lighten up an extremely serious topic.”
—School Library Journal, 02/07


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