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by Debbie Bailey
photographed by Susan Huszar

American Bookseller’s Pick of the Lists

This innovative series grew out of a desire to provide all children with the opportunity to see themselves within the books they are reading and to identify with the children and families they see. The diversity of today’s families is clearly captured. The simple text and engaging photographs explore the relationship between very young children and their world.

Each book is illustrated with realistic and comforting photographs. Children from various familial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds are interacting with their fathers. The simple text and engaging photos invite and encourage discussion between adult and child as they have fun exploring the images together. 


“Adults and young children should find much to talk about when sharing this series together. The Talk-About-Books have been designed with great care. Pages are easy to turn, illustrations are large and framed with primary colors, the few words are carefully chosen and clearly laid out. Highly recommended for children three and under.”
—Canadian Reviews

“Gloriously simple but effective . . . Very nicely done.”
—Halifax Daily News

“Children and adults will enjoy exploring the pictures and text, which invite and encourage language development.”
—Ottawa Citizen