Move It, Miss Macintosh! Share this with a friend

by Peggy Robbins Janousky
illustrated by Meghan Lands

Top Ten Best Bet, Honorable Mention, Ontario Library Association The Year’s Best List, Resource Links Joan Betty Stuchner – Oy Vey! Funniest Children’s Book Award finalist

Kids aren’t the only ones who get nervous on the first day of school!

It’s the first day of school and Miss Macintosh is certain about one thing: she isn’t going! As she snuggles back under the covers, the doorbell rings. In comes Mr. Bellweather, the school principal, who assures her that all kindergarten teachers have first day jitters.

Soon, other teachers arrive to help get her out the door. Mrs. Burger, the lunch lady, makes sure she has a good breakfast; Mrs. Sketcher, the art teacher, helps her pick out clothes. Still, Miss Macintosh is anxious. What if she can’t find her class? What if no one likes her?

When she finally stands at the front of her class, she can tell that the children are nervous too. That’s when she comes up with an idea to put everyone at ease—including herself.

A perfect read-aloud to children who may be anxious about school, this book will get them laughing—and reassure them—as they get ready for the big day.


“This is a perfect first day of school book for anyone who is feeling anxious. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Miss Macintosh and her fun colleagues in the future!”
—School Library Journal, 09/16

“A nicely diverse addition to the teacher-doesn’t-want-to-go-to-school shelf.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 05/18/16

“The illustrations are priceless . . . paired with a wonderful engaging text that makes the whole story buzz and come alive.”
—Storywraps, 09/05/16

“A cute and funny book that will be appreciated and enjoyed by anyone who has been nervous for their first day of school.”
—Resource Links, 02/17