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Book 2 in the Heroes Quartet series

Heroes Quartet series

by Kathy Kacer

Silence can be powerful.

Kathy Kacer’s second book in her middle grade series about heroic WWII rescuers tells the tale of Jewish siblings Helen and Henry, and history’s most famous mime. Desperate to save her children from the Nazis, Henry and Helen’s mother takes them to France to hide in a convent disguised as orphans.

Visits from a local mime become the children’s one source of joy, especially for Henry, whose traumatic experience has left him a selective mute. But when an informer gives them up, the children are forced to flee yet again and the mime—a not yet famous Marcel Marceau—risks everything to save them.

Masters of Silence shows award-winning author Kathy Kacer at the top of her craft, bringing to light the little-known story of Marceau’s heroic work for the French Resistance. Marceau would go on to save hundreds of children from Nazi concentration camps and death during WWII. In characteristic Kacer style, Masters of Silence is dramatic and engaging, and highlights the courage of both those rescuing and the rescued themselves. Wenting Li’s chapter heading illustrations and evocative covers provide the perfect visuals for the series.


“A harrowing, gut-wrenching tale and a heartfelt homage to a quiet hero.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 12/16/18

“This well-crafted novel with its compelling, sympathetic characters is an excellent addition to most school and public library historical fiction collections.”
—School Library Journal, 02/19

“Spare yet compelling writing effectively captures a child’s point of view in a terrifying time.”
—CM Reviews, 03/01/19

“This is a wonderful tale of the resilience of Jewish children during a dark time in history. It also shows the power of silent communication.”
—School Library Connection, 05/19

“Those who love historical fiction should find this perspective enjoyable.”
—Booklist, 02/15/19

“This book should be included in every school library. It’s sad to read but still it should be read and discussed. It’s full of strength and hope when darkness was all consuming.”
—My Book Abyss, 03/24/19

“Another excellent novel by Kathy Kacer, one that informs readers of another important yet relatively unknown WWII hero.”
—The Children’s War, 04/05/19

“Deft­ly blends fact and fic­tion, result­ing in an engag­ing sto­ry which will appre­ci­at­ed by chil­dren, par­ents, and educators.”
—Jewish Book Council, 07/22/19

“Kacer is a master of plot and emotion.”
—American Jewish Library News & Reviews, 09/19


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