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True Stories from the Edge

by Laura Scandiffio

Storytelling World Award The Year’s Best List, Resource Links Rocky Mountain Book Award finalist Red Cedar Book Award finalist

In 1979, the streets of Iran’s capital city, Tehran, turned ugly. Six Americans caught in the uprising found protection at the Canadian embassy. Through the feverish efforts of the embassy staff, the fugitives were disguised as Canadians—complete with fictitious passports—and able to escape the country.

History is full of such daring escapes, often creative, always heart-pounding. Escapes! recounts ten of these nail-biting tales. Discover Lady Nithsdale’s ruse to free her husband from the impenetrable Tower of London in 1716. Fall into Douglas Bader’s harrowing escape from a plummeting Spitfire in WWII. Hold your breath as two families drift over the Berlin Wall in a homemade hot-air balloon!

From getaway gladiators to runaway slaves, from the endless Sahara to the impassable Bastille, each exciting story will have young readers eager to escape into the next!


“ [An] excellent book ... compelling, suspenseful stories that will have [readers] begging for more. Recommended.”
—CM Reviews

“Filled with bravery and daring, these short stories would provide a perfect read-aloud for many classrooms.”
—Brandon Sun

“This is an amazing book ... sure to enthrall school age readers, as well as adults, who will definitely find this book fascinating.”
—Resource Links

“... could serve as an enticement for reluctant readers or as read-alouds.”
—School Library Journal

“Scandiffio has done an admirable job of marrying fact and fiction. Each story includes just enough history to set up the action without bogging down the reader, and the motives and actions of characters are convincing. Also, not every escape is a grand success, keeping tension high.”
—Edmonton Journal

“The book will appeal to those with a specific interest in escape stories or to those who are inspired by uncommon bravery in the face of danger.”


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