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Living on Other Planets

Dr. Dave: Astronaut series

by Dr. Dave Williams and Loredana Cunti
illustrated by Theo Krynauw

Best Books for Kids & Teens 2019, *starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Ever thought of living on Mars?

Will humans ever be able to live on other planets? Former NASA astronaut Dr. Dave Williams is the person to ask.

Finding other habitable environments in space is no easy task: temperatures on Mercury are ten times hotter than on Earth, and winter on Neptune lasts about forty years!

But there is one planet that looks promising: Mars. Even though it takes six months to get there, Mars most closely resembles Earth. So what would it take to make it habitable—and what would life look like there?

As in the other three titles in the Dr. Dave Astronaut series, this book demystifies space travel. The science is explained in simple terms while the sense of adventure is ever-present. This book belongs in the hands of every child interested in space, and in every classroom where STEM is taught.


“More aspirational than realistic at this point, but some of its intended audience will walk on other worlds.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 07/15/18

“An attractive, high-energy presentation.”
—Booklist, 10/01/18

“Readers will enjoy dreaming of possibilities for the future of space exploration with a better understanding of the science behind life in space. Highly Recommended.”
—CM Reviews, 03/29/19

“Informative and fun. A recommended addition to school library collections”
—The Fairview Review, 10/07/18

“Information is presented in an educational yet fun manner.”
—Youth Services Book Review, 12/19/18

“A fun exploration of space.”
—Brain Shrapnel, 01/12/19

“A great book for the budding space enthusiast; also good in the classroom when broken up into smaller chunks.”
—Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center, 04/30/19