Complete Adventures of the Mole Sisters, The Share this with a friend

written and illustrated by Roslyn Schwartz

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“Schwartz strikes just the right note of preschool humor with the resourceful and relentlessly optimistic mole sisters . . .” —Publishers Weekly

“The Mole Sisters are unfailingly optimistic, eager, and confident. They are my new role models.” —Sarah Ellis, author, critic

The Mole Sisters are loved around the world, with a total of seven foreign editions. Here at home they have become best-sellers several times over, and an animated television series has brought their adventures to an even wider audience.

Now all ten Mole Sisters adventures are available in one beautiful collection. Each original tale is included in its entirety in a new panoramic format, allowing readers a fresh look at Roslyn Schwartz’s enchanting colored pencil illustrations.

Beautifully bound with a new cover and including a special bonus image by the author, The Complete Adventues of the Mole Sisters is as irresistible as the girls themselves. “How lovely,” said the Mole Sisters. And it is!

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“Nothing short of Heaven on Earth . . . This is life at its very best for beginners.”
—Globe and Mailn

“One joyful, fattish book. The deal of the season.”
—St. Catharines Standard

“Perfect for sharing.”
—Montreal Gazette

“A must for every preschooler’s library.”
—City Parent

“It’s hard to imagine a . . . childhood without the mole sisters . . . these stories are sure to engage young imaginations.”
—Today’s Parent, Winter/05