Better Together Share this with a friend

by Sheryl Shapiro and Simon Shapiro
illustrated by Dušan Petričić

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre First and Best List, Toronto Public Library 2017 TD Summer Reading Club Recommended Reads List

Mix anything together and who knows what you’ll get. You may create something wonderfully different! Water and flour make a sticky paste perfect for arts and crafts. And what can be better than mixing sugar, milk and butter to produce yummy fudge? With simple words and vivid illustrations, this series of 13 fun and bouncy poems illustrates the concept of combining things. Mixing blue and yellow paint to make green is probably familiar to most children, but who thinks of music as being the result of mixing the sounds of instruments? Or a sports team as the combination of many players with different strengths? Young children will love listening to these funny poems while learning about a simple, but important, concept.


“The verse flows jauntily with unforced rhymes, and is easy and fun to read aloud.”
—Quill & Quire, *starred review, 03/11

“The concept is terrific and the illustrations similarly sublime.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 05/15/11

“A simple rhyming scheme . . . plus word choices that kids will appreciate make the poems accessible.”
—School Library Journal, 07/11

“Petricic’s colorful cartoon illustrations communicate the actions and emotions of each poem, often extending the story beyond thetext.”
—Booklist, 06/11

“The mix of vivid illustrations and energetic text has created a fun book that both kids and parents will enjoy.”
—The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature, 07/11

“Young students will be easily engaged by the colourful and vibrant drawings.”
—Professionally Speaking, 09/11

“While intended to be funny, the poems are also great at encouraging and fostering creative thought. The illustrations are fabulous, and only serve to enhance the humour of the text.”
—, 05/19/11

“This book is an excellent vehicle for teaching children cause and effect . . . it inspires my daughter to ask questions.”
—Edwards Magazine Book Club, 06/11

“This charming book of short poems celebrates the beauty when two (or more) substances come together to create something new and wonderful.”
—, 04/10/11