Adventures of Medical Man, The Share this with a friend

Kids’ Illnesses and Injuries Explained

by Dr. Michael Evans and David Wichman
illustrated by Gareth Williams

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre Red Maple Award nomination

Enter Dr. Michael Evans, who will explain to young readers everything they need to know when an illness or injury occurs. Uniquely structured around five different movie genres and one comic book, each chapter features a common illness or injury with Dr. Mike in the starring role, explaining the causes, symptoms and cures.

Whether it’s a nut allergy in the action-packed “They Came From Mars!,” a broken wrist in the bone-chilling “The Werewolf Who Snapped” or strep throat in the suspense-filled “Adventures of Medical Man and Wondrous Boy,” each story is packed with fascinating medical information. Other common conditions covered in the book include concussion, ear infection and asthma—all vividly explained.

Complete with diagrams, sidebars and a glossary—and dramatized by Gareth Williams’s stunning illustrations—this book will be a comfort to any child dealing with an injury or illness. 


“This book does a fantastic job of explaining common medical issues in an accessible way. While the stories are inventive and entertaining, the medical facts are at the forefront, and readers will come away thinking about these conditions in a whole new way.”
—School Library Journal, 02/11

“The writing and illustrations are energetic and lively and the medical facts . . . are woven seamlessly into the storyline.”
—Resource Links, 02/11

“Provides a stimulating outlet for [kids] to scratch that unbelievable itch for knowledge and make it entertaining at the same time . . . one of the coolest science books I’ve ever seen.”
—, 04/11